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"The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong... but time and chance happen to them all."

Clan MacLear is a roleplay guild, essentially. We began on September 30th, 1997, as Hand of Virtue in a game called Ultima Online with the greeting, "Mi faultich thu co sor neach !"

Make sure you've thought about this. This is a very long-term decision.

If so, "mi fultich thu co saor neach."

Failte, and be of good heart ye who wish to claim lineage among The People of Lear.

Be ye warned hereby that if ye be of those who do not wish to join with us in the spirit and times of whatever game interests ye, including but not limited to having a name that is appropriate and behaving more or less in character or bring with ye lies, deceit, division, selfishness or any other foul spirit, go no further. We are of those who call themselves honorable and whose characters remain in the spirit of the auld days. Should ye be one of those who call of themselves eL1T3 d00dz or any other of the followers of The Twisted one, we will turn upon you and you shall be from us outcast forever.

Come amongst us with a positive attitude and generally positive comments or come not at all. There is much in the real world that is negative and there is much about our lives imperfect, but we come not here rant on such things, but to enjoy our lives together, to defeat our enemies and help our friends.

The process of joining is as follows:

Finally, we have a few rules: Once you have submitted the application, if you have not heard from an officer in five days, contact an officer in-game. Please make sure that your email address is accurate and that you include your character name in the application! All person information will be retained only by the officers.

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Real Age (we're curious):
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Real Gender (it's okay to play a different gender): Male Female
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Thank you for considering Clan MacLear!  We look forward to being your new online family!

© Chris Chandler 2006.