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"The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong... but time and chance happen to them all."

Clan MacLear is a roleplay guild, essentially. We began on September 30th, 1997, as Hand of Virtue in a game called Ultima Online with the greeting, "Mi faultich thu co sor neach !"

If you're interested in an online family of mature gamers, consider joining us via the link below.

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Below is a collection of fiction we've retained over the years. We've produced quite a lot more than this, but this library represents a selection. They are categorized by game and ordered chronologically by publish date.

The Voyage of Bran
Classic Irish Literature
Birth of Fin Maccumhail
Classic Irish Literature
A Song of MacLear
Rylee (non-member) - 2000
Loden's Tale
Laird Loden - Dec 2000
Nosferum's beginning
Nosferum - Nov 1998
A Mammoth Buzz
Phenom - Feb 1999
Origin of our Battlecry
Three authors - March 1999
Agravaine's backstory
Agravaine - ~1999
Crowning of the Chief
Nosferum - April 1999
Resurrection of Gamaeliel
Nosferum - May 1999
Laird Tormod, the Elder - Jan 2000
Shatara's Tale
Shatara - ~2000
A Crate Arrives
Agravaine (and others) - Jan 2003
The Tribunal
Laird Ravnanger - April 2003
Lanadena is MacLear
Laird Lanadena - May 2003
Return of The Tome
Nosferum - July 2003
Dark Age of Camelot
The Invasion to Come
Agonisties - Oct 2001
Star Wars: Galaxies
Easy Money
Nosferum - June 2003
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