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"The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong... but time and chance happen to them all."

Clan MacLear is a roleplay guild, essentially. We began on September 30th, 1997, as Hand of Virtue in a game called Ultima Online with the greeting, "Mi faultich thu co sor neach !"

If you're interested in an online family of mature gamers, consider joining us via the link below.

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While we no longer retain a significant guild presence in Dark Age of Camelot, we maintain this page in honor of our time there. Dark Age of Camelot was, for us, our third major game. Many of the guilds we befriended in Everquest in the years before decided to play as members of the family of Lear in DAoC. For nearly a year we were one of the largest and most active guilds in the frontiers.

The guild's name in DAoC was Siol Lear, which translates to "the people of Lear". Since we take so much of our fictional history from the real history of our founders, this was inspired by the sons of Leod, Tormod and Torquil, who each created the two clans of Leod, the "Siol Tormod" and the "Siol Torquil". As grandsons of Olaf the Black, their norse heritage cannot be denied. This made Midgard our obvious choice.

Leadership in DAoC was begun with Loden, then passed to Logard (formerly Peldor) for the remainder of our time there.

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