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"The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong... but time and chance happen to them all."

Clan MacLear is a roleplay guild, essentially. We began on September 30th, 1997, as Hand of Virtue in a game called Ultima Online with the greeting, "Mi faultich thu co sor neach !"

If you're interested in an online family of mature gamers, consider joining us via the link below.

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This page remains an epitath to our longest sustained guild presence. We had long been the eldest guild on our Everquest server, Xegony, officially implimented a few weeks after the game went live. The members inducted at that time had been members of the guild at least since Beta, as many of us had beta tested the game as well. Some had been with us since Ultima Online, before that.

The actual date of officiation in Everquest was interesting. This was long before there were automated systems for creating guilds, so you had to wait for a GM to get the time to come find your guild leader. We had all collected to raid Everfrost when GM Palladius appeared before us, a barbarian in black plate armor. Palladius gave the guild title to Tormod, who would then invite us. There was a bit of a problem, however. Palladius initially created us as "Clam MacLear". Read that again, and notice the lack a letter "n". He then deleted that guild and created a new one with the proper name, "Clan MacLear". In EQ there was a method for players to see the order in which guilds were created on the server. "Clan MacLear" always showed as 4th. With three before us, the second guild always showed as blank, or non-existant. This is because "Clam MacLear" was, for about 30 seconds, the second guild on the server. This means that we were, in fact, the second guild on the server, not the fourth. The first (Asa-Tru) was added about five hours before we were.

Guild leadership in Everquest began with Tormod (formerly Erath, of UO). It then passed to Nosferum and then back to Tormod for quite some time. Lanadena, who joined us relatively early in the Everquest timeline took up the mantle after that and maintained our family there for several years. Logard, who has been both officer and guild leader in other games (such as DAoC), was an officer in EQ first (under the name Peldor). The guild officially held a presence there until May of 2006.

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